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Cell Analysis

Unravel the complexities of cell biology

The first on-demand synthetic cell platform bringing streamlined simplicity and accuracy to the complex world of cell analysis.


  • Accurate Cell Surrogates

    Match all the features of the cell from nucleus to optical scatter to surface antigens. All features can be finely tuned to create the ideal cellular control.

  • Complete Customization

    Customize the controls in your experiment to any cell population—even rare disease—without sourcing primary cells or generating cell banks.

  • Unparalleled Stability

    Go beyond bio-based cellular controls. Our synthetic cellular controls are built on proprietary technology that results in better stability, shelf-life, and performance.

  • Reliable Consistency

    Save time and money by sourcing the appropriate controls, the first time. Our manufacturing process virtually eliminates lot-to-lot variability.


Flow Cytometry

Fluorescence, compensation, and cellular controls are the backbone of generating reliable flow cytometry data. Slingshot’s technology brings streamlined simplicity and accuracy to the complex world of cell analysis. Get reliable QC data fast, without the headaches.

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Slingshot can create customizable synthetic cells that precisely match the biochemical profile and optical properties of any target cell population (such as a 5-part WBC differential and rare cell types) with newfound precision and shelf-life. Moreover, eliminate the complexities and sourcing bottlenecks that traditionally come with using bio-based cellular controls.

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Assay Controls

Our catalog and custom controls are the ideal, drop-in solutions that work seamlessly with your current workflows. From fluorescence to biomarkers to other bioanalytical testing, the Slingshot platform can bring a newfound level of assay precision and control to your application. Using synthetic cells, you can develop more quickly and confidently that leads to superior results.

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