Key Features

  • Breakthrough

    FlowCytes are engineered to mimic any cell type. Manufactured to exceed any cell-based calibration standard. Lot to lot variability is the best-in-class and our products have undergone extreme environmental shock testing.

  • Easy To Use

    Our products are shelf and room temperature stable, vs. lyophilized and reconstituted blood products. The result is a far more cost-efficient and flexible control product. Finally, our products contain no biological material, allowing them to be transported and used anywhere without special licensing or permits.

  • Customizable

    Can be customized for any applications. Fluorophores, antigens, and organelle mimics can be quantitatively engineered to fit your needs.

  • Multiplexed

    FlowCytes can be added to your sample and run concurrently as an internal process control. We can tune SSC/FSC/Labeling/[Antigen]/encapsulated material, all independently.

The New Standard

The New Standard

FlowCytes are shelf stable in aqueous solution for years at room temperature, (try doing that with a reconstituted blood product!). 

They can also survive repeated cycles of freeze-thaw-boiling with no effect on performance. 

Synthetic Cells

Synthetic Cells

Slingshot's hydrogel cell mimics are engineered to match white blood cells in their optical, fluorescent, and biochemical features.

No more hunting around to set gates. Our product lets any user setup an instrument, properly, the first time.