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Precision cell printing for Innovators

Engineered synthetic cells to speed up your complex research

The Slingshot Advantage

  • Level-up from solid-core beads

    Hydrogel-based synthetic cells (FlowCytes™) deliver superior performance over solid-core particles (plastics) across all fronts (optical, fluorescent, and biochemical).

  • Customizable to any cell population–even rare diseases

    Our flexible synthetic cell platform enables diverse customization with even the rarest biomarkers. These biomarkers can be precisely tuned and quantified.

  • Consistency that reduces your costs

    Minimize expensive bridging studies to qualify your testing materials. Our manufacturing process eliminates the lot-to-lot variability of biomaterials and the QC/QA headaches that come with managing them.

  • Rapid, on-demand manufacturing that saves you time

    Get what you need–fast. Our unique manufacturing platform can scale supply to your need and on demand.

Technology at a Glance

Our Products

Precision synthetic cells that mimic real cells

Slingshot Biosciences’ synthetic cells are optically and biochemically complex hydrogel-based materials, called FlowCytes. Our products are based on this innovative platform and eliminate the sourcing, consistency, and cost limitations of bio-based testing materials.

Do More with Customization

Want to design your ideal control? Talk to us about Customs.

Our synthetic cell platform is dynamic and flexible, enabling for a wide range of possibilities to perfectly suit your need. Paired with our on-demand, scalable manufacturing, your custom design can be delivered as quickly and as large in quantity that you need.