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We applied the tenets of biochemistry, high-precision manufacturing and polymer chemistry to create FlowCytes®. These shelf-stable, synthetic cells can be custom printed on demand, at scale, with incredible precision.

Slingshot’s revolutionary technology decreases cost, shortens development timelines and increases stability, impact and accessibility. This is a new paradigm for drug development, diagnostics and cell therapy—one without limitations.

Spend less time and resources developing cell reference materials and QC standards and more time:

  • Advancing translational research
  • Achieving unparalleled cell analysis and biomarker quantitation
  • Streamlining QC processes for cell therapies to get them to patients faster

Technology at a Glance

Slingshot’s Technology

The most advanced
and ideal cell control

Through the intersection of biochemistry, polymer chemistry and high-precision manufacturing, we have created FlowCytes—synthetic cells that are indistinguishable from real cells. The Slingshot platform is the world’s first on demand, synthetic cell design platform to address the industry’s reliance on and limitations around biologically-derived cellular controls.

This breakthrough technology creates synthetic cells that match the optical, fluorescence and biochemical features of any cell type—even rare disease types. The result is the ideal cell control, achieved without sacrificing performance or consistency.

FlowCytes are shelf stable and can be custom printed on-demand, at scale, in real time. Slingshot’s technology decreases costs, shortens development timelines and increases accessibility to cell controls. Our cutting-edge technology platform can be used in a range of applications including:

  • Assay development
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Adoptive cell therapy
  • Drug development
  • Cell analysis instrument performance

Complete Customization

Slingshot scientists can partner with you to customize our products to your needs on demand.

Our technology is built on proprietary predictive modeling, uniquely designed microsystems, and a manufacturing platform that precisely creates stable and cost-effective cell-like reagents in just hours.

We can quickly scale to bioprint custom FlowCytes with extreme precision and high throughput while meeting high ISO 9001 quality standards.


Cell Therapies

Our synthetic sustainable surrogate cells are customizable and can replace real cells in many applications in adoptive cell therapy development and manufacturing.

We save you the time, expense, and headaches of sourcing, altering, and maintaining your cell lines or bio-based controls.

Cell Analysis

Slingshot’s technology brings streamlined simplicity and accuracy to the complex world of cell analysis. Get reliable QC data fast, without headaches.

Flow Cytometry

FlowCytes are semi-transparent and granular, like real cells, unlike traditional, solid-core reagents. This makes FlowCytes the ideal cell controls to calibrate, standardize and ensure performance for instruments and assays.


Customize FlowCytes to match the biochemical profile and optical properties of any target cell population (such as a 5-part WBC differential) with newfound precision and long shelf-life stability. Moreover, eliminate the complexities and sourcing bottlenecks traditionally using healthy or disease cellular references.

Assay Controls

Our standard and custom controls are the ideal drop-in solutions that work seamlessly with your current workflows. From fluorescence to biomarkers to other bioanalytical testing, the Slingshot platform can bring a newfound measure of assay control to your application.

Synthetic Cell Lines

TruCytes™ are Slingshot’s biomarker mimic technology. With TruCytes, you can design the most precise, quantitative, and complete set of synthetic cell lines to meet your applications.

Standard Phenotypes

Our biomarker controls are engineered with key surface antigen epitopes for standard immunophenotyping assays. We can precisely tune a collection of biomarkers (such as TBNK and stem cell controls) and quantitatively modulate the antigen density.

Rare Diseases

TruCytes can be customized to match rare diseases–a known bottleneck in development. In record time, we can precisely match TruCytes to any hematologic malignancy such as AML and CLL—no matter how rare.


Slingshot’s biomarker cellular controls are vital for researchers and clinicians focused on bioanalytical detection. With the ability to precisely control the levels of key biomarkers, our technology can unlock newfound detection possibilities.

The strength of our platform is in its broad application areas in bioanalytical assays, such as receptor occupancy (RO), minimal residual diseases (MRD), and cytokine detection arrays (CDA). Our technology aims to eliminate limitations with easy-to-use, reliable, and stable products that seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows.


We partner with organizations that cover the full spectrum of drug development, diagnostics and therapeutics including: