Slingshot Biosciences, Inc. uses a proprietary, patented process to make "synthetic blood" that matches the physical features of virtually any cell type, in a shelf-stable, non-biohazardous and shelf-stable format. 

After years of technology development and manufacturing design, we have built a synthetic product that allows blood diagnostics to be applied to a broader range of unmet healthcare challenges. Moreover, we have the first technology platform that can be accurately tuned to match a variety of cell types.

The patented FlowCyte technology showcases the ability to precisely match a specific cell type in optical and biochemical features, which distinguishes Slingshot’s hydrogel particles from the more common polystyrene-based options currently available.

As a first, our platform technology can precisely adjust the forward and side scatter properties of our unique hydrogel particles to match target cell types. The technology is further capable of modifying the optical, biochemical, mechanical, fluorescent, and chemical properties of the hydrogels. This potential has tremendous applications beyond flow cytometry and into general cell-calibration standards such as blood typing.

The result is the first of its kind technology that allows for similar instrument settings when running both calibration particles and biological samples, allowing for the preservation of valuable primary cell populations.