State of the Art Cellular Controls

FlowCyte synthetic cells simulate
important cell properties to give you the
most comprehensive cellular control

Revolutionary Technology

Slingshot Biosciences is at the forefront of advancing diagnostics with "synthetic cells" that can match the optical, fluorescent, and biochemical features of any cell, in a shelf-stable, non-biohazardous and easily transportable format.

Combining extensive chemistry expertise and high precision, on-demand manufacturing, we offer cutting edge innovations in micro and nano particle applications.

The result is a first-of-its-kind product that allows for single-step instrument calibration, assay controls, and diagnosis without the hassles that are associated with biological controls. Take your cell analysis, blood diagnosis, and cell therapy development standardization to the next level.


FlowCytes utilize a proprietary formulation model that can simulate the optical features of any cell. When layered and multiplexed with over 5 dimensions of features, any cell-type/application is accessible, in record-time. 

Breakthrough Innovative Features

Learn how our beads can open new dimensions of consistency of diagnosis and manufacturing for your application

Accurate Light Scatter

Matching cellular light scattering unlocks new levels of accuracy and consistency for calibration between users and sites. Take your clinical trials to the next level. 

Precise Tuning

Independently tune light scattering and biochemical features to mimic any cell type. Ideal for replacing whole blood controls and as surrogate cellular controls for rare malignancies.

Cell-like Autofluorescence

Proprietary polymers allow for tunable autofluorescence. Match cells, or any application you can envision. Our products work with the most challenging tandem-dyes, unlocking additional colors for your multi-color and spectral panels. 

Unparalleled Customization

Flexible platform that enables high-dimension multiplexing: optical index, fluorophores, antibodies, proteins, peptides, DNA/RNA.... Our products can fit applications in flow cytometry, imaging, hematology, cell therapies, and more.