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The synthetic cell design company

Synthetic cells tunable to match any target — on demand, at scale

Our game-changing synthetic cells erase the limitations of bio-based reference cells for diagnostics, adoptive cell therapy development and instrument calibration. Reduce costs, save time and commercialize faster.

The Slingshot Advantage

  • Level-up from solid-core beads

    FlowCytes™ provide superior performance across all dimensions of optical, fluorescent, and biochemical properties than standard solid-core beads.

  • Customizable to any cell population–even rare diseases

    Slingshot sets a new standard for reference control cell production. By quantitatively combining biomarkers to FlowCytes, even the rarest diseases can be accurately profiled.

  • Consistency that reduces your costs

    Forget about expensive crossover studies to re-qualify your QC materials. Our manufacturing process eliminates the lot-to-lot variability of biomaterials and the QC/QA headaches that come with them.

  • Rapid, on-demand manufacturing that saves you time

    Get what you need–fast. We can create your customized reference materials at high-throughput and at scale, in a matter of hours. That means you don’t have to spend time sourcing biological materials or creating cell banks.

  • Cold-chain shipping and storage are things of the past

    FlowCytes are stable and have a multi-year shelf life. That means they don’t require cold-chains or other special logistics for shipping and storage–making them accessible to practically any customer on Earth (even traditionally underserved regions).

Technology at a Glance

Our Products

Precision polymer-based synthetic cells that mimic real cells

FlowCytes are optically and biochemically complex synthetic cells that outperform solid-core beads for instrument and assay calibration. FlowCytes have a multi-year shelf life—eliminating the sourcing, consistency, and cost limitations of bio-based reference materials.

Featured Sectors

  • Biopharma

  • Life Sciences

  • Cell Therapies

  • Diagnostics

Working at Slingshot

Make ideas become reality while advancing human medicine and diagnostic care

We’re looking for scientists, technicians, developers, and engineers who are passionate and dedicated to making diagnostics and therapeutics more accessible. Sound like you? Join our team!