SpectraComp Compensation and Capture Beads (WBC Mimics)


Slingshot Compensation and Capture Beads are designed to bind your favorite antibody to enable low-background fluoresence signal compensation. 

These beads have been benchmarked against a range of IgG isotypes and from a range of animal species (rat, goat, human, hamster) and also show superior performance compared to existing comp-beads in the violet and ultraviolet ranges. 


Take your compensation and panel design to the next level with SpectraComp FlowCytes. 


NOTE: if you would like your SpectraComps customized to a certain WBC population, please notify us ahead of time and we can customize the product for you. 

Room Temperature Storage

Product is stable at 2-30C

Easy Shipping

Can be shipped anywhere without biohazard restrictions

Long shelf life

Expiry of up to 5 years