FlowCytes Standard Protocol: 

1. Vortex dropper on high for 2-3 sec. to resuspend FlowCytes
2. Add 2 drops to 200 uL of PBS or sheath fluid
3. Vortex the mixture on high for 2-3 sec. to mix thoroughly
4. View and acquire FlowCytes in FSC-A and SSC-A in linear range
5. For best results, set acquire rate on cytometer to low

Storage Conditions

FlowCytes are stable at room temperature (25C), in aqueous solution, for >5 years. We have stress tested our products from -80C to 99C with no adverse effects on the base polymer

Dilution Buffers

FlowCytes can operate in a wide range of common aqueous solutions and buffers such as DI water, PBS, sheath fluid, and HEPES. Simply mix 2 drops of FlowCytes with 200 uL of desired buffer. 

Handling and Disposal

FlowCytes have no special handling or hazardous disposal requirements. For Research Use Only (RUO).